Tattoos at Da Beauty Palace situated at The Workshop Shopping Centre, Durban Central.

Permanent Tattoos – by an Experienced Professional Artist.

We do all types off tattoos including the following:

  • Portraits
  • 3D Tattoos
  • Custom designs (custom designs for those that want something different)
  • Tattoo removals for those that no longer want tattoos
  • Cover ups – we cover up scars / surgical procedures that may have left marks / burn marks
  • Cover-ups can be done on tattoos that you may no longer want.
  • Choosing the right cover up tattoo.
  • All types of lettering in any font. Names are very popular.
  • Tribal sign tattoos are big with us. We carry a wide range of designs
  • There are thousands of designs to choose from.
  • We specialize on tattoos for medium to dark skins.
  • With experience we have found that certain inks take well to these skin types.
  • Only professional high quality inks are used.
  • All needles are opened in front of our clients
  • Sterile and hygienic conditions are of outmost importance.
  • All our pricing is very competitive. You are guaranteed to receive great value when doing your tattoos with us.
  • Touch ups are done free (within 3 months) if you need one.

We price all our tattoos according to size and the work it entails. we do not charge by the hour like most other tattoo studios do.

In this way you know exactly how much your tattoo will cost you. with out any nasty surprises.

Come in for a free quotation or send us a picture and we will be able to help you.

If you are unsure of what tattoo you want we will help you choose something that will suit you and your personality.

If you already have tattoos we can help you find other pieces that will compliment what you already have.

Tattoos In Durban

Permanent Tattoo Gallery